BCR004 : Zoe Xenia – Let The Music Play EP (incl. Anonym and Damian Schwartz remixes)



Today we are treated, once again, to another release that has the Bass Culture unique freshness. This time its the turn of Dutch producer Zoe Xenia. Taking influence from one of the Shannon‘s classic, ‘Let The Music Play‘ takes on a groove filled, trip-tastic journey. Zoe’s vocals are smooth as silk, and whilst never overbearing, bonds the tracks’ jazzy drums, keys and bassline together like glue. The first of our remixes today comes from one of Detroits finest talents… Anonym. Showcasing those skills to perfection, he adds a wonderfully funky, disco b-line, yet also keeps the tracks’ laid back and groove-some. Rounding out the vinyl release is the stunning Damian Schwartz Dub of ‘Let The Music Play’. This is big room stuff, with dramatic synth stabs, open hats, and repetitive vocal sample. All giving it a real hypnotic feel. As a treat, D’Julz also gives us the two ‘digital only’ tracks. The bass heavy, warped tribal tech of ‘Aint No‘ and the stripped down, spookily delightful Damian Schwartz Remix.


BCR004 : Zoe Xenia “Let The Music Play EP (incl. Anonym & Damian Schwartz remixes)”

A1 : Zoe Xenia – Let The Music Play
A2 : Zoe Xenia – Let The Music Play (Anonym remix)
B1 : Zoe Xenia – Cravin’
B2 : Zoe Xenia – Let The Music Play (Damian Schwartz dub)
DIGITAL EXLUSIVE : Zoe Xenia – Ain’t No
DIGITAL EXLUSIVE : Zoe Xenia – Let The Music Play (Damian Schwartz remix)

LISTEN & BUY : Zoe Xenia – Let The Music Play EP (incl. Anonym & Damian Schwartz remixes) – full tracks listening

Out vinyl December 2nd / Out Beatport December 18th / Out other digital January 1st


Offered as a free download, courtesy of the artist, is Zoë Xenia‘s title song of her “Let The Music Play EP“, a solid loop-heavy track topped by unique and ethereal vocals by Zoë herself.

FREE DOWNLOAD : Zoë Xenia – Let The Music Play (Original mix)


Thomas Schumacher – “In times of total overflow of boring staple “house” tools it is always great to hear something different, something that suprises you and makes you want to kiss strangers. Zoe produces exactly that kind music. Perfect.” – Seuil – “I really like Let The Music Play original.” – Diesel – (X-Press 2/Kiss FM) – “Sick!!!” – Voitek – (Catz n Dogz) – “I’m into the Anonym remix!!” – Charles Webster – “Anonym for me, nice stuff!” – DJ W!ld – “Cravin’ is fresh and sexy, will play!” – Deetron – “The bassline in Anonym’s Remix is sick!” – Chris Tietjen – “Damian’s Dub is amazing!!” – Ryan Crosson – ‘Thanx for sending this, def gonna try the Schwartz Dub.” – Davide Squillace – “Full support for Julz! Superb Bass Culture!” – Timo Maas – “Original is wicked!!” – Shlomi Aber – “Great release! Will play!” – Sis – “Really nice tunes. Original.” – Anthony Collins – “Damian’s Dub is the bomb!!!” – Alex Neri – “Great release!!! One of the most smartest label of this year….” – dOP – “Love the original!! The swing of the track, and yes it s possible to make new house music without sampling and re-sampling the old classics. BRAVO!!” – Dyed Soundorom – “Anonym’s rmx is the best for me here! Also like Damian’s rmx! Will play this a lot…” Kiki – “And another great from Bass Culture! It´s nice to see that this one is slightly different and shows a good sense of variety for the label. I will be playing Let The Music Play.” Marc Romboy – “Impressive how quick Djulz has set up this great label, chapeau! The Schwarz dub is awesome, will play it this weekend at Sullivan Room!” Anja Schneider – “I’m a big fan of Bass Culture and again it touches me with the next release! Damian Schwartz mix is great. Full support.” Jimpster – “Anonym mix sounds like a total winner to me. I will be trying out straight away. Another amazing release from this killer new label.” Luciano – “Let The Music Play – Damian Schwartz Dub is a great record.” Seth Troxler – “The Anonym remix is killer!!” Patrick Bodmer – (M.A.N.D.Y.) – “The Damian Schwartz dub is great. Will play.” Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “All nice groovy tracks – really strong package.” Raresh – “Very cool EP. I like Aint No!” Paul Ritch – “Let The Music Play – Damian Schwartz Dub….FULL SUPPORT!!!!!!” Stuart McMillan (Slam) – “Loving the deepness of Let The Music Play – Anonym Remix .Also like the Damian Schwartz Dub.”  Michel de Hey – “Yep cool stuff again! Anonym mix for me.” Einzelkind – “Damian Schwartz for president!!!” Nima Gorji – “Full support to the Damian Schwartz Dub.” Okain – “Great tracks! Damian Schwartz dub is great!” Yakine – “Let The Music Play is Niceee Music!!” Ripperton – “I really dig the original and the Schwartz remix! Funky Nice nice.” Nick Curly – “Great release, like always! I will play let the music play.” Laurent Garnier – “Some realy good stuff in there Will support the Damian Schwartz Dub!” Karotte – “Great tracks from lovely Xenia. I like aint no!” Joris Voorn – “Great vocals again from our Dutch house diva! Great funky beats too though! And remixes are top! I love Cravin!” ZDAR (Cassius) – “I dig Ain’t No… quality groove, perfect for me super happy for my friend Julz.” Robert Dietz – “Mr Schwartz is killing it! Stripped down to the bone.” – Will Kinsella (RTE Ireland) – “I love this. Its beautiful. Thanks a million. Let the Music Play, Cravin, Aint No, they are all great. They have their own personality. I really like it.” Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Damian Schwartz adds some magic.” Karlos Sense (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full Support. I like Cravin & Let The Music Play Damian Schwartz mix.” Riyaz Khan (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “CRAVIN’ is on point!!!” Timid Boy (Trax Magazine France) – “All tracks are great! I will review it.” Kédem (Paris One Radio) – “Ahhh Zoe Xenia! D’Julz was right! A true gem of electronic poetry! Let The Music Play is a manifesto of love, tolerance and the pleasure of being together! An irrestible groove too!” Al Redmond (RTE Pulse/Dublin) – “Bass Culture really rocks my boat! Damians dub and Aint No are perfect for my sets. Ive been all over this label since the beginning, doesnt look like things will be changing anytime soon. Wicked stuff D’Julz!” Barry Redsetta – (Filter-Spin1038 Dublin) – “Good stuff. Nice ideas in original, but too busy, great groove on Anonym remix tho, will play. The stabs in the D Schwartz dub are cool too.” Reviews and playlisted on Raveline, De:Bug, Juice FM, Ibiza Global Radio.

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