BCR022 : Dan Curtin – Microdrama EP



The fact that, after more than twenty years in the industry, Dan Curtin‘s music is as innovative and vital as ever before is testament to the skills and strengths of the man himself and the high regard in which his music is held. With over 70 singles, 9 albums and a discography that dates back to first releases for Detroit’s 33RPM in 1992, the Cleveland born producer can proudly wear the affectionate title of a ‘veteran’ of the music scene. Yet whilst the title refers to time past, its Dan’s ability stay firmly in the present that sees him remain one of the most influential producers of today. The very fact that Curtain is never constrained by style or genres is perhaps the key factor to his success. Having seen releases on Peacefrog, Strictly Rhythm, Tuning Spork and Soma to name but a few, its Anja Schneider’s Mobilee imprint where Dan has really found a home since relocating to Berlin in 2003. A string of remixes and singles, including November’s “A Study In You“,  are backed by his 2010 full-length opus “Lifeblood.” A label boss himself, Dan’s ‘Metamorphic‘ imprint has now reached release #025, providing a platform for him to experiment further under his many pseudonyms such as, Planetary. Today Dan joins the Bass Culture family and presents what for is us, one of the most impressive and diverse releases on the label to date. Variety really is the key as Dan opens with the piano-laden title track “Microdrama.” “Calia” evokes balearic memories with its evocative horns and sparkling synth riffs whilst “Time Will Tell” takes a deeper mysterious trip with spritely key melody and whispered vocal. Final cut “Wasted Stranger” sees Dan ring the bells as he brings the ep to a close to a wonderful percussive workout.


BCR022 :  Dan Curtin – Microdrama EP

1 – Microdrama
2 – Calia
3 – Wasted Stranger
4 – Time Will Tell

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Out vinyl & Beatport March 21st 2012 / Out all digital April 4th


Ellen Allien – “Ohh Dan, these are really nice. Calia is the cut for me. Playing!” – Ralph Lawson – “Loving this release fellas!! Big support from me on everything here!” – Joris Voorn – “Great label, great artist, great release. Just great!” – System Of Survival – “Cool ep! All tracks are very good. our favorite Time will tell. Thanks.” – Marco Carola – “Wasted Stranger is a nice track. Will try it.” – Deetron – “Calia is GREAT!! Love the pads and chords to bits! J” – Lee Curtiss – “Bass Culture always delivers, and yet again this is as solid as ever! Great work Dan.” – Nick Curly – “Big fan of the last Bass Culture releases and this one is great too! Wasted Stranger is my favourite.” – Ewan Pearson – “Calia is so lovely…. Will be playing this.” – Tobi Neumann – “Full points for Mr. Curtin‘s new EP! The tunes have the perfect flow for a BC release. Thanks.” – Luca Bacchetti – “Dan Curtin has always delivered great music, 4 great tracks here again. “Calia” is the best for me, liking the deepness, one of my WMC tracks this year. Another great Bass Culture!” – Reboot – “Super ep from Dan!! Big BIG support from me!” – Ryan Crosson – “Good stuff here from Dan. I’m gonna be spinning Microdrama and Time Will Tell. Thanks for sending guys!” – Anja Schneider – “Super into this EP! Absolutely brilliant! Will play Microdrama for sure! Great Dan!” – Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – “Feeling this a lot esp. A1/ B1, lovingly crafted with subtle grooviness. Strong as always from Mr Curtin!” – Satoshi Otsuki – “Calia is excellent! Really nice groove throughout!!!” – Le Loup – “Really love Time Will Tell! I will definitely play this J” –  Nikola Baytala – “Dan Curtain on Bass Culture = EXCELLENT!!” – Mathias Kaden – “Great music from Dan!!!! My fullest support of course! Calia is my fav.” – Franco Cinelli – “Respect for Dan Curtin!, really nice tracks. Time Will Tell is my pick as fav. J” – Ben Sims – “Wasted Stranger is the stand out for me here, but all quality house music, thx!” – Harri – (Sub Club Glasgow) – “Really liking all of these.. J Big support from me!” – Gerd – “Really great work from Dan. I love Calia and will play it out as from this weekend on for sure!” – Okain – “Bass Culture continues with high quality releases! B1 and B2 are my favs! Thanks.” – Monty Luke – (Planet E) – “Dan told me to be on the lookout for dis one…. gonna grab and test them out.” – Molly – (Rex) – “Time Will Tell is for me but the others tracks are all really cool!” – Sebo K – “Dan on Bass Culture… What a combination!!! Killer release. Love it all!” – Diesel – (X-Press 2/MoS Radio) – “Absolutely killer ep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will hammer everything on this!” –  Terence – “The whole ep is great Dan!! I have a little preference for Time Will Tell, but will use them all.” – Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “I like these very much. Time Will Tell is my fave at the moment. Playing!” – Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama/Rai 2 Italy) – “Microdrama for the driving moments and Calia for the hypnotic ones. Perfect.”  – Zoë Xenia – “LOVE Calia and Time Will Tell!! Will support both!!” – Anthony Collins – “Super cool ep from Dan. Microdrama shines brightest for me.” – Jackmate – “Calia is so great Dan! Will be getting this on vinyl,” – Willie Graff – (Pacha/Cielo) – “Big fan of Dan Curtin’s work for years. Microdrama and Time Will Tell are great mood settter’s. Will be playing for sure. Thank you” – Rainer Trueby – “Yep, the veterans can still be kickin´…like the layers, build-ups and the beats….quality! Wasted Stranger is doing the biz for me here…” – Danny Howells – “Curtin rules!!! This is such an awesome release! Support on everything here.” – Fred Everything – “Nice EP from Dan. Liking the sound of Microdrama and Time Will Tell here. Gonna play both! thx.” – Brett Johnson – “I’m always excited to get new music from Dan. Really feel’n these tracks!!! All killer….” – Mr. G – “Solid ep of different grooves from Curtain, love dan!” – T. Williams – “Well rounded EP. I like the fact there is a little bit of afro house thrown in too. Calia the fav!” – Marc Romboy – “Bass Culture is a DJ’s darling! Another great EP on D’Julz imprint!!!” – Paul Woolford – “I’ve been buying Dan’s records since the Apogee stuff on Peacefrog, and since his resurgence there’s always been something in my bag of his. ‘Microdrama’ sounds like something I’ll hold for the summer terrace moments… thanks.” – Andrade – “Very bomb EP, Big respect Dan!” – Layo – “Been a big fan for as long as I can remember, very unique sound, warm, quirky and funky with a twist, perfect!” – Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Super record! All 4 cutz are on point – Wasted Stranger is my fave.” – Laurent N. – (Nice Radio France) – “A Top Label. A Famous Producer … A great release!!! All tracks are good. I will play them for sure. TOTAL SUPPORT!!!” – Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – “Nice Tracks! Nice EP! Support!!” – Sébastien Baylet – (Paris One Radio) – “Calia is the fav, full support from Paris One Radio.” – Makossa – (Radio fm4 Vienna) – “Hiqh quality release with Microdrama topping the pack.” – Mike Chapman – (Beatport) – “Great release – love how off key and slightly wonky everything is – really nice.” – Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Ufffff awesome tracks, will try it for sure! All tracks are brilliant and makes me fly!” – Soundwall.it – “Every Bass Culture is good!” – Tsugi Magazine France – “Nice one. Liking Microdrama the most.” – Martin – (Raveline Magazine Germany) – “Massive release… full support on every track J” – Lukas – (Raveline Magazine Germany) – “TOP JOB!!! Love Wasted Stranger.” – Thilo – (Groove Magazine Germany) – “Review will follow.” – De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.” – Sergio B – (DeeJay.es) – “Precious sound! Feel & Dance! Calia has something special.” –  Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Really cool music here! fantastic for my radio shows full support from Ibiza Global Radio.” – Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine / Radio) – “Microdrama and macro release!!” – Kev O – (DataTransmission) – “Time will Tell is the killer! Mr Curtin on form as ever, a nice (and surprising) pairing here!” – Sergio B – (deejay.es) – “Precious sound! Feel & Dance! Calia has something special.” – Craig – (Mixmag) – “Reviewing!” – Wollion – (Faze Magazine Germany) – “Great ep! Loving Microdrama!” – Bradley – (In The Deep End-Australia) – “Dan is always delivering the goods! It’s hard for me to comment on the A side until I’ve heard it in the club, which will be very soon I’m sure… They both sound like excellent tracks but only the right context will unveil their true qualities. Really love Wasted Stranger & Time Will Tell though, they sound great in my headphones. Love how Dan can sound so legitimately old school but without trying to prove a point about being raw etc. Really nice clean production, love the chord stabs in time will tell. Will pop a couple of these tracks on the radio show and give them a whirl in the club. Once I’ve found some embeddables I’ll get a coverage post up too. Cheers!” – Victor – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Wasted Stranger is the better one, overall very strong package!” –  Helen S – (Join The Dots + Pulse Radio) – “Wicked tunes, Calia is very nice.” – Eduard – (Deejay.es) – “Solid release… Microdama is for me. Thnks so much.” – Reviewed on Only For Dj