BCR023 : Rush? – Japan Ice EP (incl Gerd remix)



Release 023 matches newbies, Rush?, with Dutch maestro, Gerd. Alfredo Caforio and Gianni Sabato came together with equal, yet different musical ideas, to form Rush?. What began as fun sessions and club nights throughout Italy, eventually saw the pair developing their own sound and before long music. They describe their work as, “full of atmospheric detail, sometimes a little abstract and sometimes more narrative, but always with deep club-based grooves”. The Japan Ice EP features four original cuts from the duo, all revelling in the raw oldschool sound that Rush? hold so dear. Yet whilst the influence of Detroit rings loud, this is most certainly an EP for the present. Gerd ramps things up on his rework of “Snaster“, building to a crescendo before dropping into a ravey bassline that veers brilliantly from smooth to distorted to acidic and back again.


BCR023 :  Rush? – Japan Ice EP

1 – Japan Ice
2 – Sampler Special
3 – Snaster (Gerd remix)
4 – Cortometraggio
5 – Snaster (Original mix) digital exclusive

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Out vinyl & Beatport April 25th 2012 / Out all digital May 9th


Satoshi Tomiie – “The Gerd remix is super cool!! Although, all of the tracks will feature in my sets. Great release!” – Luca Bacchetti – “OMG!! I love these old school beats! Great remix by Gerd. Thinking to buy the vinyl for my collection too!” – Martinez Brothers – “Gerd remix of Snaster is the one for us, such a dope groove!!” – Mosca – “Japan Ice and the Gerd rmx are live! Might run Cortometraggio as well!!” – Robert Dietz – “New talents ahead!!! Great find Julien and a great ep!” – System of Survival – “Quality House Music as always with Bass Culture. Gerd remix is fantastic. Support!” – Rolando – “Thanx for sending this ep guys. Strong stuff indeed. Japan Ice is gonna get my plays!!!” – Diesel – (X-Press 2 / MoS Radio) – “A-Mazing!!!!” – DVS1 – “Sampler Special and the Gerd remix sound special to me. Will try them out.” – Norman Nodge – “Now these are fine tunes for the wild mix! Gonna use them! Sampler Special is my fav.” – Adam Beyer – “Super cool grooves throughout the whole ep, but its Cortometraggio that wins as my pick of the release.” – Dario Zenker – “Loving the whole ep. Pure funk from Rush?! Japan Ice maybe the fav?” – Layo – “Loving the Gerd remix here. Julz’s label is ALWAYS on point!” – Marc Romboy – “Bass Culture convinces me once again! To me personally it´s one of the best three labels at the moment! I want moooooore…. Gerd mix my fav here.” – Midland – “All about Gerds remix on here for me, builds and builds and BUILDS!!” – Danny Howells – “Really like all tracks but Cortometraggio is the one that will go in the box .. gonna sound killer on a big system.” – Zoe Xenia – “Cortometraggio & Snaster are simply awesome!!! Fantastic work from Rush?” – Tokyo Black Star – “The Gerd remix is my vibe here! Great mix! Support!” – Varoslav – “This is serious raw music! I like it a lot.. Gerd’s version on top for me-Cortometragio is stunning too!!” – Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “Liking everything here. Great release. Ones to watch!” – Nathan Coles – “This is such a great release! Can’t wait to play these out J Especially Cortometraggio!” – Harri – (Sub Club Glasgow) – “Liking lots on here. Really strong EP!! Sampler Special is my fave.” – Dan Curtin – “Whoa… loving all these tracks, deep but still driving with plenty of energy, great! Definite support! Gerd remix possibly my fav.” – Nick Curly – “As always… Fantastic music from Bass Culture!! Big support for this one as well! Every track! Thanks for that!” – Franco Cinelli – “WOW! Killer Remix from Gerd! Really nice record guys J, thanks!” – George FitzGerald – “Gerd remix is KILLER!! I can see me caning this mix!!” – Orde – (Slam) – “Top label – quality house EP – Sampler Special is my jackin fav. – thanx.” – T. Williams – “Fully into Snaster (Gerd Remix) this will work the dance floor to no end. Those synth stabs are killer and the tension at the break amazing. Once the bass kicks in, its over. This is going to go off! ” – Deetron – “Gerd does it again…. MONSTER!” – Psycatron – (BBC Ulster-Across The Line) – “Can’t go wrong with Gerd, got a real Skudge type vibe to it this one. Fucking love it!” – Locked Groove – “I love this release, nice combination of prime time jacking house and techno tunes. The Gerd remix is great!! Also like Cortometraggio a lot, nice work!” – Paul Woolford – “Gerd is on fire!! KILLER remix from the Dutchman!!! Thanks.” – Gabriel Ananda – “I turned Japan Ice on and suddenly I had this feeling of excitement in my body. Maybe its from the latte I drank before, but i am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the music. Really nice one! thanks so much!” – Steve Rachmad – “Very cool ep from Rush? All of the tracks have something for me. Going to try them all. Strong!” – Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – “A really great package of music from Rush?. Gerd’s remix is maybe my fav, but will try them all. Merci Beaucoup!” – Timo Maas – “This is a really cool Gerd Remix!! Maxmium support from me J” – Sebo K – “Excellent release! I remember when Julien played “Japan Ice” last year and i asked him what it was .” – Molly – (Rex) – “This release is a bomb.. I like a lot the digital bonus & Japan Ice. I’ll play them for sure! J” – Le Loup – “This is a HUGE release!!! Love Sampler Special… I will support all summer!” – JD Twitch – (Optimo) – “Solid and very good ep from Rush?! The Gerd remix is VERY cool too. Nice!” – Shlomi Aber – “This is a GREAT release!! Loving it all! Keep it up guys, great music!” – Ryan Crosson – “Honestly I can say that I’ll be trying 3 of these tracks for sure! Really nice work Rush?!” – Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Nice and groovy as i like! Perfect sound for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio will play all mixes, respect.” – Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK) – “Gerd always have been and always will be great!” – ANTICLIMAX – (Radio Grenouille France) – “Gerd confirms he’s a great remixer with this one, what a gem he made! Love it! Not really into the originals though.” – Laurent N. – (Nice Radio France) – “Another excellent release on Bass Culture. All original tracks & remix are great. Will play & TOTAL SUPPORT !!” – Makossa – (Radio fm4 Vienna) – “Great Gerd remix!!!” – Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “This release gets my vote for 5 stars based on SAMPLER SPECIAL alone – wicked release overall though, absolutely lovin’ it – support!!!” – Sébastien Baylet – (Paris One Radio) – “Another brilliant Ep from this brilliant label,Full support from Paris One Radio.” – Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – “Gerd mix of Snaster for me! Support!!” – Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Gerd Remix is awesome!!! Full support!” – Soundwall.it – “Cortometraggio is nice!” – Tsugi Magazine France – “Nice remix from Gerd!” – Mike Chapman – (Beatport) – “The Gerd Remix is f*cking solid.” – Sergio B- (deejay.es) – “Bass culture never forget groove! Pure Deep! Ger remix hit Bulls Eye!” – De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.” – Wollion – (Faze Magazine Germany) – “FAT EP! Japan Ice is a bomb!!” – Paul C – (Resident Advisor) – “Nice EP, wears its influences on its sleeve. Possible review.” – Philip Sherburne – (Spin / Resident Advisor) – “Now that is a killer Gerd remix!!” – Only For DJ’s France – “The Gerd remix is futuristic and lovely!!” – Inhabit – “Big release guys!! Will look to review.”

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